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“ मैं देश के सभी शिक्षकों से, तमाम ट्रेनर्स से, जानकार और जागृत लोगो से विंनती करता हूँ की क्षितिज जी का साथ दें और उनके ऐप से जुड़ें ”

Anand Kumar

Founder, Super 30

“ Nice app, recommended for all. We can discover learn and express ourselves by seeing content and by sharing our own posts according to our interest. So, probably one of the best apps in todays world. ”

Aman Thakur

Student, Amity University

“ Unhu Gave me a platform to showcase my skills and talent. The mission to provide free education in itself is a nice concept and the app is really easy to use. Because of Unhu i have now started to be more interested in studying history.”

Tamanna Gupta

Student, IMS Unison

“ Unhu has been the most utilitarian app since the past few months. The versatility it provides to the users is spectacular and answers all the pertinent questions. Ranging from music to psychology to entertainment, unhu has been an ultimate guide. Thank you unhu.”

Sagarika Joshi


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Providing opportunities to passionate-young minds on the basis of points earned on their knowledge shared.

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Kshitij Doval

Founder & CEO

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Mrinal Doval

Co-Founder & Sr.Advisor

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Irfan Raza


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Runkana Chiranjeevi


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Nishtha Ghosh

Chief Evangelist


You don't have to go in it alone. Since our Beta launch on May 28th, 2018, Unhu is an ever-growing community.
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Tag a badge on each of your post to optimise your posts to get greater visibility.

Yes, they are! These points are used by companies to see your expertise in subject matters & your views inclined to their organisation for them to give you internships or job offers.

Complete the task of the day daily and you get +500 bonus points everyday, which will help you increase your level & points faster.

Levels showcases the area of expertise that your profile or badge has on Unhu. Level 0 is lowest and the higher it goes, the higher your expertise is.

The correct pronunciation of the word Unhu is "Huun-who"